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The recent Russian military assault on Ukraine has evoked comparisons with the German invasion during the Second World War. The similarities and differences between these two brutal events, however, can only be understood through a careful historical analysis of how Hitler and other Nazi leaders set out to conquer Ukraine—and how the Soviet regime organized its reconquest of Ukraine. Distinguished historian Gerhard Weinberg will explain the policies and fighting that devastated the Ukrainian people and culture in the 1940s. Join us to understand why this historical legacy remains important as Ukraine now struggles against the aggressive, invading forces of another dictatorial regime. TOPICS German Plans and Hopes for the Conquest of Ukraine and Their Initial Implementation, Including the Holocaust Fighting and Conquest in 1941–42 Soviet Reconquest and Expansion of Ukraine in 1942–45


Gerhard L. Weinberg is William Rand Kenan, Jr., Professor of History Emeritus. He is an internationally known expert on all aspects of World War II and author of numerous books, including the comprehensive, award-winning masterwork A World at Arms: A Global History of World War II.


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Virtual: What Happened in Ukraine during the Battles of Holocaust of WWII?

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