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• Terry and Ede Adamson • Lee and Chesley Garrett • Bill and Sally Hoffmann • Ray and Diane McPhail

• Lyle and Nancy Nichols • Al and Martha Pearson

• Jo Ann and Jim Kiley

•  Jack and Claudia Barnett  • Gina Cogswell   • Steve Harris  • Thornton and Sue Jordan   •  Art and Angela Williams


•Glenda and Griffin Bell •Joan and Jay Betts •Lucinda S. Cannon •Gina Cogswell  •Genevieve Crozier
•John and Sharon Cranwell   •Suzanne Dansby  •Jim and Melinda Ethier •Hugh and Constance Fitzpatrick

•Carlton King and Joyce Flemming • R.B. Haynes •Diana Hunt • Carol Misner & Ann Huckstep
• John Mitchener and Heath Massey  •William Hughes Milam  •Penny Pollock  •Sheila Poole and Hugh Normile  

 •Megan and Woody Ramsey  • Milton and Marjorie Ruben •Richard and Honey Shackelford •Anne-Marie Sparrow
•Mr. and Mrs. W. Stancil Starnes • Anne Watkins  • Julia Wiemer • Dennis and Sheryl Wilson


• Mary Jo Askew • Carol Attridge • Charlie and Lola Battle • Tabby and Jimmy Bewley • Dan and Marty Boone
• Jack and Karyn Brinson  •Nina and Bill Bugg  •William and Evelyn Callaghan •Tom and Linda Clark •Terrell and Joe Clark
•Linda Clary •Susan “Price” Connor and Joe Naryka • Gerry and Avary Doubleday •Berryman and Ruthie Edwards
•Dan and Abbey Evans • Freddie Flynt •Amanda and Greg Gregory •Ann Hartley •Sharon and Wayne Helsby
•Frank and Betty Ingrish •Jane Jerry •Sandra Lobrano •James Long and Marsha Scott •Ed Mawyer
• Bob and Ginny May • Bill and Shelby McMillan  • Jim Meadows  • Alice and Kent Nelson • John and Virginia Noland
•Clifton and Sylvia Pannell •Karen Patterson • Pegsie Payne •John and Sally Ragsdale •Billie and Carol Ray
• Stephanie and Bill Reeves •Diane and James Riddle •Mallory Samson • Mary Silva • Marcia and William Smith
• Doug and Karen Swift • Patsy Thomas and Ken Boote • Bill and Susan Trotter • Kevin Wenzel
• Hugh and Carole Westbrook  • Walter and Sarah Morgan Wingfield • Lynne M. Winship 

Neal and Beth Acker
Mary Beth Allen
Patricia Allen
Linda Arnold
Laura Bailey
Robert and Diane Baxter

William and Snow Benedict

Patty Bentley
Susan Bianchi and Robert Savelson
Betsy J. Bird
John Boatwright Jr

Katherine Bosio
Terrell Boyle

Alister Brady
Linda and Scott Calahan

Katharine “Kitty” Caldwell
Zimm and Joy Cannon
Marian and William Clark
Robert and Alexis Cooper
Neil and Tink Crawford
KC Cunningham
John and Lyn Darden
John and Ann Day
Thomas Delahaye
John and Sue DeVault
Dennis DiSantis
Jinny Doolittle
Martha and Michael Dupuis
John and Kathy Eastman
Janis Erikson

Nancy Fetterman

Randy Foster
Sheldon and Cherryl Friedman
Jane and Tom Ghegan

Michael Griver
Meegie Glass

Jon and Bobbie Golden
Burgain Hayes

Staci Holtzman
Laura S. Howell

Lila and Slocum Howland
Barbara Jackson
Dr. Paul Jr. and Cathy Jones
Carole and Darrell Kelley

Willuam Kenny
Harry Kinard
Kay Kramer and Frank Cohen
Larry and Ann Klamon

Sarah and Ken Knight

Anne Koch
Frank M. Langfo

Banny Lesesne
Hal and Leslie Lewis
George Manning
Karen McArdle and James Carty
Forrest McConnell
Paul and Ruth McLarty
Joseph and Betsi McLure

Howard and Mary Eliza McMillan
Dr. William and Mrs. Linda Mc
Sue and Ray Mills
Cannon Montague
Dr. Robert and Judith Moore
Stephen Pararo
Barbara and David Postles
Karen and George Powell

Major General William Rajczak
Jim and Mary Sharp Rayner
Steve and Liz Reynolds
Sarah A. Riley and Marc Str


A. Birney Robert

Andrew and Karen Roberts
Ruth Roper
Jane Roy
Rick and Helene Siegel
Bill and Rosemary Stiefel

John and Rosann Spiegel
Joyce Stribling
Helen Tapp
Susan and Charley Tarver

Sallie and Pat Taylor

Joe Tessmer
Peggy and Scott Turner
Wright and Betsy Turner
Joan Ussery
Gayle Watkins and Andy Chmar
Sharon Weekes
Lu and Jim Worrell
Joan and Peter Worthy

Joey Wright and Martha Sutherland-Wright


Emily Adkins
Dick and
Judy Allison
Ann Austin
Marie J. Avant

Betsy Baristow
Anne Baker

Perry Ballard
Joni and Robert Benitez

Katherine Bruce
Patty Bennet-Uffelman
Dorothy Blitch
Susan Boehm
Jerry and Carole Bogage

JE Bradham
Cathryn Britton
Bob and Charlotte Brown
Lynne Browne
Lynne Burke
Margaret and Bill Cain

Charles and Carolyn Callihan
Kevin and Mary Cavaioli

Carolyn Chabora

Muffi and Bill Chanfrau
Tom and Ruth Claiborne

Lavinia Coker
Hillary Cone
Terence Connor
Amy Cooper
Andy and Betty Corty
Michael and Catherine Crosby
James Curtis
Henry and Jo Anne Darby
Lynn DeVille
Suzie Dickinson
Terry Donovan

Kate Dumas
Linda and Bill Edwards
Herbert and Libby Eustis

Lynn Ezell
Steven and Bette Ford
George and Molly Franklin
Leslie Garnett
Jon and Bobbie Golden
Pamela Gore Meads
Robert and Jill Granger

FRIEND (cont'd)

Nan Gregory
Anna Guffey
Dr. James and Martha Hair

Phil and Connie Haire
Susan Hamilton
Rufus and Vikki Harris III
Sandra Harrison
Kathy Hart
Cristine and Jerry Hayes
Jonathan Marc Hehn
John Hehn
Jim and Ann Herbert

Jo Hill

Harriet Holliday
Robert Holt
Bill and Leah Horton
Edwin and Julia Hussey
Alex Jackson
Frances Jay
Ben Jenkins
Tom and DeeDee Jordan
Sharon Kaltenborn
Bud Kirk
Selena Kittrell
Nita Ann Knight
Jeffrey and Cathy Korotkin

Mary Korotva
John and Ione Lee
Kristine Lelong
Linda and James Livingston
Debbie Long
Charlie and Laurie Lowe
Mary Anna McClendon
Willa McGimsey

Patsy and David Mercer
Carolyn Mitchell and Matthew Salisbury

Kelli Moody
David Moore
Lane and Mark Murrah
Sherry Musselwhite
Dr Ross and Barbara Neagley
Linda New

Anne Newhouse
John Newsome
Anne Paulk
Jan and Paul Pavlis

Bill Peacock

Tonya Peterson
Tommy Platt
Doreen and Alec Poitevint
Beth Preston

Sally Price

Kathy Prosser
Brian and Sandra Railsback
Rick and Jane Ramsey
Barbara Reich
George and Claire Reid

Frtiz Richter
Lou and Delores Rosebrock
Beth and Michael Rosenberg
Alexandra Ross and Lawrence Wilkinson

FRIEND (cont'd)

Robert Ryan
Robert and Nikkie Salerno

Sonna Sanders
Cheryl and Hugh Sargent

Helen Saul
Dino and Kathi Schibuola
Russ and Jean Schwalbert
C. Marie Sharpe
Debbie Sheaf

Wendy Shoob
Bill and Wyn S
Miriam and Vernon Skiles
Bennie and Keller Smith
Robert E. and Susan Smith
Lauren Stallings
Jim and Esther Stokes
Dollie Swanson
Cathy Temple
Bill and Deedee Thompson
Lisa Torbett and Hamp Stevens

Joseph Trachtenberg
as H. Vann, Jr.
Barbara Wade and Leonard Greene
Rick and Carolyn Waghorne

Cary Walt
Jim Ward and Rachel Fraser
John Bennet and Margaret Waters
Marcia Weber
Chip Wilson
Joyce Wilson
Margaret Winston
Helen and John Witty
Gerry Woodruff
Donna Woods and Marty Rosenfield
Vivian Wright
Lee and Emmett Yeiser

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