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There are more privately owned guns than people in the United States, and “gun culture” is more pervasive in American society than in any other modern, industrial nation. How did a distinctive view of guns influence the slave society in antebellum North Carolina and how has the belief in “gun rights” shaped contemporary interpretations of the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment? We’ll explore these controversial questions with the relevant expertise of an historian who studies the ways in which guns were used by white and black North Carolinians before the Civil War and a legal scholar who studies how the right to own guns is interpreted in contemporary American laws and politics.


Community, Race, and Guns in 19th Century North Carolina with Antwain Hunter, Assistant Professor of History

Debates About the 2nd Amendment in 21st Century America with Joseph Blocher, Lanty L. Smith ’67 Professor of Law, Duke University

Why Did Guns Become So Important in American Culture? A panel discussion with our speakers


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Virtual: "Guns in American Society: Then and Now"

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